Curtis Bryant's December 2017 Careerscopes

Issa sign o' the times

Careerscopes by Curtis Bryant was created exclusively for Ghost and For copyright permission to publish these 'scopes elsewhere, contact us here.



Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


Dear fire signs,

Step up and be the leader everyone knows you can be

The month of December is calling for you to step up and be the leader everyone knows you can be. This month, you can trust that coworkers and even higher ups will be looking to you for the answers. This isn't a time to act humble or shy either. If you have the answers or an opinion, speak up. Save yourself from hating your job by making sure your job is a place where your voice is always heard. You may feel a lot of responsibility this month with a particular assignment but trust yourself, trust your team, and find a solution. Every dilemma has a solution and you are the perfect person to share it with others this month. STEP UP!

Dear earth signs,

know that the universe has your back

Has someone recently quit their job or got a promotion? It seems that way. If you quit your job and are ready for something new, know that the universe has your back. You desired a clean slate and now you have it. Be intentional about what you really want within your working environment. What are things you know you deserve? And what are some things you will not tolerate? Write them down and find jobs that fit this criteria. You'll find something just right for you. If you have recently been promoted, Congrats! Your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed like you thought it has. For all 2017, you have been doing such a great job at, getting things done at work and not letting your crazy personal life get in the way. That takes a lot of strength and determination and that's why you're so fitting for this new position. Your job needs a leader, someone who can handle anything. Show them what it looks like to be grounded and have full control over your life. You'll be admired by many this month because of it.  

Dear air signs,

#securethebag and be ready to make moves if need be

::pouts lips and rubs your back:: It's going to be ok. Some of you are not happy with your careers at the moment and that's ok. You know why? Because you have the power to change it. In order to fix your situation, you're going to have to spend time alone and really decide what it is that you want. You're going to have to, eliminate the voices of others and really hear your own — it's been awhile, huh? I encourage you to spend time outdoors alone. Go for a walk and be present in the moment. In your body. What makes you happy? Simply answering that will help you find your next career move. If you're an air sign who loves their job, I see traveling coming up for you. #Securethebag and be ready to make moves if need be. If you don't have your passport yet, treat yourself this Christmas because you'll be needing it, very soon. Safe Travels!

Dear water signs,

When a water sign is comfortable, he or she is unstoppable

This month is all about falling in love for you. There's so much new coming personally and career wise. A talent or some interest of yours is about to take the forefront of how you bring in income. You never thought that of all the things you love doing, that this would be the one that keeps your bills paid. You know the universe loves teasing water signs. The teasing comes with good intentions and this months intentions, are to build your confidence. At first, you will feel like a fish out of water but by mid month, you will have things down to a science. And as you know, when a water sign is comfortable, he or she is unstoppable, fearless and a joy to be around. Remember to ask questions about anything you don't know. This doesn't make you annoying. This makes you well-rounded.

Until next month...

Love Always,