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The career search is a job on its own. Finding work can take months and be just as grueling as manual labor. Unemployment or underemployment can turn the lives of even whole families upside down in a short amount of time. It doesn't have to be this way.

Thankfully, we've got the years of expertise and practice to streamline the process for you, and with killer results. As your personal career advocates, we already know we can get you the interview. We're more focused on dramatically increasing your odds at earning the highest possible pay and benefits package at your ideal employer, locking you into a dream career trajectory, and in the shortest amount of time.


We're fluent in the languages and recruiting processes of the following industries:

Advertising + Marketing
Business Administration
Customer Service
Entry-Level Management
Fine Arts

Food + Beverage/Restaurants
Media + Entertainment
Performing Arts
Public Relations
Retail + Merchandising
Transportation + Logistics

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The lab

// résumé design laboratory

We create tailored résumés, cover letters, and career portfolios that are dynamic and targeted with great precision. GHOST weaponizes career pieces, using new media and design expertise to focus on a head-turning professional summary, industry-specific keywords, and a modern, creative format that will impress recruiters while capturing your best professional story on paper.

No two job seekers are alike, therefore the sample or product images you'll find here on the site can't fully demonstrate all we can do for you. To find out all the possibilities we can offer to your career search, grab a free Résumé Design Analysis right from our labs. There's no obligation, and you'll learn what's working for your résumé, and what's killing your chances at a job within two business days.


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Are You LinkedIn?

Highly underused, LinkedIn still outranks Facebook as the preferred way to directly reach recruiters, or potential clients and partners. We've got the intel + hacks to supercharge your profile so you can start getting noticed today.



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